The label „Xpoint0 – smart organisations“ stands for a diverse, modular service portfolio for profit and non profit organizations (NPOs) such as associations, federations, foundations plus expert or company networks.

It focusses on the digitals aspects of internal and external networking,  communication, collaboration and knowledge management.

Kooperationsnetzwerke, Expertennetzwerk, Partner-Netzwerk, Unternehmensnetzwerk

Our work e.g. may lead to a new Intranet, Extranet/Portal, CRM-System, Cloud Solutions, IT Outsourcing or Social Media activities in combination with the relevant organizational and communication measures.

Xpoint0 („X.0“) derives from buzzwords like Web 2.0/3.0, Enterprise 2.0 or Organization 2.0 and so on.
Our vendor independend consulting, management and solution develeopment  aim at fostering the modernisation of organizations through the use of state of the art technologies and up to date management techniques.
This embraces internal as well as external measures and services.

Xpoint0 is member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement, the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement and the BMWi initiative Mittelstand digital:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement  Gesellschaft für WissensmanagementBMWi Initiative Mittelstand Digital

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